8 Hints It’s Time To Sell Your Home

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Written on July 14th, 2017

Have you been in your home for a long time? Wondering whether it’s time for a fresh start? This article provides a quick checklist of reasons that are not obvious, such as moving for work or personal reasons. Instead, we consider signs that can occur in everyday life to tell us it’s time to move on.

1. That bedroom is now a junk room

We all need room to store our sports equipment, off-seasons clothes or paper records of important information, and that room is called “storage”. It started as a quick fix, like “let me put the bike here for a sec,” and now it’s been sitting there for over a year. In some cases, a large cardboard box or even another bike made its way in. Keeping storage contained and organized is not an easy task, but is necessary.

2. When the grass is knee high and the gutters are collapsing

During the summer months, grass and plants grow very fast and it’s hard to keep up. The garden beds could get a little TLC by weeding and swapping out plants with new ones. While you’re outside, look at the trim of the house. Is the paint chipped? When was the last time the gutters were cleaned up? At this point, your property starts to lose value. Maintaining and improving a property is a challenging task requiring funds, time, energy and creativity. It could be that this property is more house than you can handle. Have you ever wondered how a property becomes a teardown?

3. More for-sale signs than you would believe

Who are those new neighbours? They moved in a while back, but are strangers to you and the reverse is probably true. Breaking the ice with newcomers is just an acknowledgment as you cross paths on the sidewalk. It can be intimidating, but it’s not so hard. In the event you are not having the response expected, how does it make you feel? It’s a good idea to keep the pulse on the sale price of properties in the area in case it’s time for a change.

4. Local redevelopment applications are flourishing

“I remember when it was all fields!”Maybe not that extreme, but the landscape is changing and in Vancouver “densification”seems to be the answer to our housing crisis. New multi-family construction in your direct surroundings could impact:

●traffic, including parking;

●potentially your view;

●noise generation; and

●the amount of dust in the air.

If all that doesn’t appeal, maybe you can cash in on the activity and get out of the neighbourhood.

5. Your tenants are degrading the property

For those who rent out their home, consider selling if the security deposit won’t be enough to restore the property to its original state, and it won’t get any better. To actually make the property attractive to new tenants will cost you a fair amount of money. Does it make sense to make improvements that potential buyers probably won’t appreciate?

6 . You spend too long on your daily commute

Studies have concluded that a long commute slowly kills you. I find this conclusion a bit harsh, but the time, money and energy spent on the road can add up very quickly. Life happens and if you are driving simply everywhere, maybe it’s time to re-centre around at least one main activity, such as work, school, family or leisure activity.

7. Guests are not coming around anymore

It’s been awhile since your cousins or kids visited, and the guest room could use a paint job and a new mattress. Oh, and the guest bathroom does not fully operate anymore.

8. You need a fresh start

A new home is a new start and an opportunity to become happier. What’s more, changing home helps declutter not only the closet but also the unnecessary automatic payments (for cable or the landline) you are not really using.


** Information retrieved from the Real Estate Weekly News

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